Publication process

Following the publication decision and the approval of the draft publishing contract, the next publication process will start: 

– CECS does the pagination according to the layouts of UMinho Editora, which will provide all the collection’s templates for pagination. 

– CECS will also be responsible for proof-reading after pagination and for the elaboration of a cover design proposal. The cover design proposal must be approved by the author(s) or editor(s) and by UMinho Editora. 

– CECS may request the assistance of the UMinho Editora publishing services for pagination, proofreading and cover design. Should such collaboration require outsourcing services (e.g. design), CECS shall bear the corresponding costs. 

– UMinho Editora shall be responsible for requesting ISBN and assigning the Digital Object Identifier. Along with the book’s DOI, the chapters will also be assigned a DOI, should the book include independent chapters. 

– UMinho Editora will perform a final revision of the book’s main contents and cover for final approval before publication. 

– Once the book has been produced, UMinho Editora will publish the book on the publishing platform, Google Play Books and other platforms where it may be available. 

– UMinho Editora will also send the books for indexing in databases that have been previously approved. 

The editing/publishing process is supported by the UMinho Editora platform.