Updated version of the “Media Education Framework” published

Sara Pereira, Manuel Pinto and Eduardo Jorge Madureira have published the updated version of the Referencial de Educação para os Média (Media Education Framework).

The publication is an edition of the Directorate-General for Education and the Ministry of Education. It is a joint effort of the MilObs team and the CECS Media, Information, and Literacy Observatory.

The Framework is the revised and updated version of the Media Education Framework initially published in 2014 (Pereira et al., 2014). This adaptable document is suitable for application in formal, non-formal, or informal settings, either in its entirety or in specific sections. It aligns particularly with the goals of the  Estratégia Nacional de Educação para a Cidadania (National Strategy for Citizenship Education; ENEC [GTEC, 2017]), through the Citizenship and Development component. The primary aim is to contribute to the development of citizens’ critical thinking, social engagement, and active participation in accordance with the advocated principles outlined in Profile of Students Graduating from Compulsory Education (Martins et al., 2017).

[Posted: 13-12-2023]