Comunicação e Sociedade nº 32 Journal: Photography and Gender

Comunicação e Sociedade journal nº 32, edited by Maria da Luz Correia and Carla Cerqueira, dedicated to the theme “Photography and Gender”  is available in free access.

“In proposing a call for papers that crosses the photography and the genre, we wanted, at first, to turn, from a feminist perspective, the mechanisms of sexism, but also of racism, ethnocentrism, classism, ity, homophobia and other oppressions that have been working the pages of the history of photography as well as the fragments of contemporary visual culture, come from the sphere of art or the sphere of the media. In a second moment, we also wanted to interrogate the category of the feminine and the woman (…), which, like other binary and essentializing categories of the subjects and their places of belonging (…), may be more radically devised in a model of flexibility, complexity and hybridization than in a paradigm of rigidity, of simplicity and of separation”.
(From the introductory note, “Messig Our Album: Photography and Gender”, Maria da Luz Correia & Carla Cerqueira)

Journal free access, here

Technical Data
Title: Photography and Gender
Journal Editor: Moisés de Lemos Martins
Associate Editor: Manuel Pinto
Volume Editors n.º32 – December 2017: Maria da Luz Correia e Carla Cerqueira
Graphic Director and Digital Editing: Pedro Portela
Graphic Assistant: Ricardina Magalhães