Journal issue on Sound and Culture – deadline extended

The deadline for articles’ submission for Vol 5 N 1 of  Revista Lusófona de Estudos Culturais/Lusophone Journal of Cultural Studies was extended til 15th December. This volume is dedicated to the theme of sound and culture (“Sound textures: the acoustic face of culture”) and welcomes contributions framed by the following topics:

– Music and culture: semiotics of music, musicology, ethnomusicology, anthropology of music;

– Sound tourism: touristic spaces sonorities, soundscapes, sounds and cities, sound maps;

– Sound art: sound and aesthetics, sound museology, sound poetry, sound installations, sound effects;

– Sound and memory: oral history, imaginative capacity of sound, endangered sounds, sound and emotion;

– Architecture and sound: sound configurations of spaces, sound environment, acoustic ergonomics, sound and decoration;

– Sound literacy: listening culture, sound and pedagogy, sound and cognition, ways of listening;

– Radio and sound: radio language, expressive resources, radio and sound history, sound narrative;

– Cinema and sound: sound edition, sound and action, soundtracks, narrative functions of sound;

– Sound marketing: the sound of brands; advertising and sound; audio logos; voices and products sound identities;

– Sound and the internet: new sound formats, social networks and sound, podcasts, sound and hypertextuality.