Ricardo Campos at the Permanent Seminar on Research in Visual Culture

Ricardo Campos, a researcher of CICS-Nova, will be responsible for the next Permanent Seminar on Research in Visual Culture, scheduled for October 20 (3:00 pm), in the ICS (University of Minho). He will talk about “Urban Visual Culture: expressions and methodologies”, in an intervention that will be moderated by the CECS researcher, Silvana Mota-Ribeiro.

In the lobby of the ICS will be displayed the installation “Memories in transit: Rua de São Marcos and Rua Machado dos Santos”.

The initiative is part of the ‘Passeio project. Platform for Art and Urban Culture’ (based on CECS, and coordinated by the researchers Maria da Luz Correia and Helena Pires).

Admission is free.

More about Ricardo Campos, here