Sara Pereira chairs the Advisory Board of the National Plan for Media Literacy

Sara Pereira, a researcher at CECS and a professor at the University of Minho, was recently appointed by a joint order of the Ministers of Culture and Education to head the monitoring body for the PNLN, which is intended to structure the national policy for media education.

“There’s a lot to look forward to,” says Sara Pereira about the start of the National Plan for Media Literacy (PNLM), but also about the mandate she is now beginning as chair of the initiative’s advisory board. In an interview with MILObs, which she coordinates, the researcher anticipates what can be expected from a “long-awaited plan” that should help develop media literacy “more consistently, not in a haphazard or episodic way”.

The PNLM’s guidelines foresaw “five personalities of recognised merit and with experience in the media sector or areas related to media literacy” to be added to the different institutions already included in the definition of the advisory board. In addition to Sara Pereira, António Granado (NOVA FCSH), André Martins ( Institute of Technology of the University of Lisbon), Bárbara Simões (Público na Escola) and Joana Gonçalves de Sá (LIP – Laboratory of Instrumentation and Experimental Particle Physics) were also nominated.

The full interview is available here:

[Posted: 09-02-2024]