SciComPt2024: Languages and voices for accessible science

The 12th Science Communication Congress – SciComPt2024 – dedicated to the theme ‘Languages and voices for accessible science’ will be held in Braga between 8 and 10 May. SciComPt2024 has around 250 participants and is organised in partnership with INL and the Centro de Ciência Viva. This meeting, which brings together scientists, researchers and science communicators, will debate the new challenges for Science Communication, from Artificial Intelligence to Open Science practices.

Science is increasingly open and today has particularly important social responsibilities. The possibility for citizens to access scientific publications more easily is an important condition, but not enough to enable them to keep up with the state of scientific knowledge. What’s more, citizens are expected to be able to participate in a qualified way in matters that are increasingly technically complex and, in many cases, ethically and socially controversial. In this context, the role of science communication agents and systems is critical and has been recognised in all quarters, with a proliferation of initiatives and programmes aimed at bringing the scientific enterprise closer to society and citizens. But at the same time as it has won its place as an instrument for promoting citizen participation, involvement and dialogue with science, Science Communication – as an area of knowledge, but also as a social and professional practice – faces growing challenges.

There is growing consensus among scientific institutions, politicians and professionals that science needs to be made accessible, in various fields and at various levels. More specifically, this accessibility has to do, among other things, with i) the openness and continuous interaction of the scientific community with society; ii) the possibility of all audiences being able to interact with science; iii) the need to adapt science communication to the sensory or other limitations of some audiences; iv) the diversification of languages and voices to promote inclusion in science communication. Responding to all this is the challenge of the 12th Congress of the SciComPt network. We therefore invite participants to submit proposals on the following themes, among others:

  • The diversity of languages (written, oral, audio, visual and sensory) in science communication
  • New voices in science communication (e.g. digital influencers, lay citizens and activists)
  • Artificial Intelligence as a voice and language
  • Inclusivity and accessibility for all people
  • Artistic languages in science
  • Open Science Movement

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[Posted: 29-04-2024]