Second session of the seminar series “Present and future of media literacy”

“Contributions to a new media literacy agenda” is the motto MILObs is using for the upcoming session of the seminar series “Present and future of media literacy”. As with the previous seminar, accessible here, the debate will be conducted online on the ZOOM platform on October 24 at 3 pm. Attendance is free but requires registration, which can be completed here.

During this second meeting, Manuel Pinto, co-coordinator of MILObs and researcher at the Communication and Society Research Centre, will deliver the opening address, followed by a debate. The moderator will be Sara Pereira (co-coordinator of MILObs and researcher at CECS).

Thus, the seminar on October 24 aims to:

– Critically examine the present and future of media literacy, bearing in mind the progress made thus far (discussed at the first seminar on June 15, 2023) and what aspects need to be preserved;
– Assess the signs of our times, which no longer suggest a simple era of change, but a change of era, presenting challenges (including paradigmatic ones) across societal, socioeconomic, educational and cultural levels;
– Identify some criteria (also methodological) to guide the exploration of new avenues in media literacy;
– Introduce emerging issues that merit inclusion in a new media literacy agenda and justify their relevance.

Participants are encouraged to reflect in advance on:

– Whether, from the outset, they believe there is an immediate urgency or need to reconsider the foundations and modalities of media literacy;
– Which directions to pursue, and which topics should be prioritised in shaping this new agenda.

The seminar “Contributions to a New Media Literacy Agenda” coincides with the Global Media and Information Literacy Week, organised by UNESCO, with which the session is associated.

[Posted: 10-10-2023]