Seminar on “Academic Timescapes”: the use of time in the academy and the influence on the production of knowledge

The seminar “Academic Timescapes” will take place on May 22th (2 p.m.) at the University of Minho (Sala de Atos, of the Institute of Social Sciences). This seminar is about time in academy and its connections with knowledge production. The event is organized by CECS and LAB2PT and is divided in two parts. In the first, Filipe Vostal will give a talk with the title “On temporal regimes of knowledge production”. The second part includes the debate and discussion about the general theme “Academic Timescapes”, counting with the participation of a group of researchers: Madalena Oliveira, Teresa Carvalho, Óscar Gonçalves, Cidália Silva, Manuel Pinto and Emília Araújo.

This seminar is open to everyone willing to participate in the debate.

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