“Attacks against Women. From the Web to the Physical World” seminar

On April 14, at 2:00 pm, the seminar “Attacks against Women. From the Web to the Physical World” will take place, with Annalisa Verza.

The seminar will address the origins and developmental stages of the misogynistic culture that has gradually taken hold on the web in recent years. This path will start from the role played by the affirmation of postfeminist culture, to then examine the characteristics of gender-based hate communities that proliferate online as well as the specific contribution given to them by the particular configuration of web-mediated socialization.

Annalisa Verza is an associate professor of Sociology and Philosophy of Law at the University of Bologna. Her main research areas concern liberalism and multiculturalism, the impact of digital technology on our society’s democratic processes, legal feminism, and the Arab origins of sociology of power and civilisation.
Among her recent publications:
– 2021 (forthcoming) Ibn Khaldun and the Arab Origins of the Sociology of Power and Civilisation.
– 2020. Postfemminismo e neoliberalismo. A cura di Annalisa Verza e Silvia Vida.
– 2017. The Legal and Political Contributions Challenging Discrimination Against Women: From The Seneca Convention to the Current Feminist Blogosphere.
– 2015. The Game of Shame and its Narratives: an Analysis of the “Infamy Toll” in the Rules and Schemes Governing Women’s Sexuality and Appearance.
– 2014. The Rule of Exposure. From Bentham to Queen Grimhilde’s Mirror.

No registration is needed.

The seminar is co-organised by the CASiLaC research cluster on Violence, Conflict and Gender and the Communication and Society Research Centre (CECS) of the University of Minho.

The session will take place through the Zoom platform.

[Posted: 08-04-2021]