bYou/MILObs seminar on young people’s well-being, concerns and interests

The upcoming bYou/MILObs seminar titled “Well-being of children and young people: what are their interests and concerns?” will be held online via Zoom on May 9 at 3 pm. Access to the seminar is free, but prior registration is required through the provided link.

What is the current status of the well-being of school-age children and young people in Portugal? How are their digital habits characterised, and what is the impact on their well-being? What are their greatest joys and sorrows? What issues do they worry about? And what are their main interests? These are some of the questions that will be debated by Margarida Gaspar de Matos from the University of Lisbon/ISAMB and Catholic University, Sara Pereira, from the University of Minho/CECS and Margarida Toscano, from the School Libraries Network, both researchers of the bYou project. The project, hosted by the Communication and Society Research Centre of the University of Minho, focuses on listening to and giving voice to children and young people to understand their relationship with and practices involving the media. Manuel Sarmento (University of Minho) will comment on the session based on the reflections presented during the seminar.

On Europe Day, the seminar emphasises the importance of examining children’s lives and well-being to understand their perspectives on the world. By listening to their voices and valuing their opinions, we can contribute to building their identity and citizenship.

Registration for the seminar is free and can be completed until May 8 using the provided link. After registration, participants will receive the Zoom session link.

[Posted: 02-05-2023]