Seminar “COMEDIG: Digital and Media Literacy Skills in Portugal”

The COMEDIG Seminar: Digital and Media Literacy Skills in Portugal will take place on the 6th of November, at 2 pm. The online event will be attended by Ignacio Aguaded Gómez from Universidad de Huelva and Pierre Fastrez from Université Catholique de Louvain.

In the current media ecosystem, marked by a dizzying and unpredictable technological evolution, which (trans) forms the contexts of individual and collective life and (re) configures spaces for learning, education and work, the skills of digital and media literacy make become increasingly essential, contributing to maximize the opportunities for social participation of citizens, as consumers, communicators and producers of messages and media texts.

The seminar “COMEDIG: Digital and Media Literacy Skills in Portugal” aims to provide a space for reflection on trends, challenges and opportunities that emerge in the area of ​​media education and, thus, help to seek and discuss answers to countless questions that arise in the interconnected and complex world in which we live.

– What are the main trends in the field of research and intervention, in the face of a media ecosystem marked by digital convergence?

– What challenges do media education and research face?

– What opportunities are currently emerging for the evolution and consolidation of media education that contributes to individual and collective development and well-being, and to critical and participatory citizenship?

Registration is free, but mandatory, and can be done until the 5th of November, through the address:

This Seminar takes place within the scope of the “COMEDIG: Digital and Media Literacy Skills in Portugal” Project (PTDC / CED-EDG / 32560/2017), funded by the Foundation for Science and Technology, whose main objective is to know the level of digital and media literacy skills at different levels of education, in order to identify needs and, based on these, develop educational resources and offer guidelines for training in this area.

[Posted: 27-10-2020]