Seminar “Communicating Amazonia: the radio in riverine communities”

On 21st June, at 18h00, in the Hall of Acts of the Institute of Social Sciences of the University of Minho, the seminar “Communicating Amazonia: the radio in riverine communities” will occur. The event counts with the participation of Lucileyde Feitosa Sousa, a post-doctoral fellow at the Communication and Society Research Centre.

The seminar seeks to show the importance of radio in riverside communities and how people use of the information received to build their territories of communication, coexistence, memory and socialization, considering this production of geographical space. In this sense, the event aims to disseminate the geographical knowledge of issues of Amazonian nature, with emphasis on the importance of radio in building the territories of communication in riverside communities permeated by traditional knowledge, experiences, imaginaries, memories, languages and representations.

The radio participates in this dynamic of riverside living, being essential in strengthening community communication, in the exercise of citizenship and in the defence of life in the riverside Amazon.

Lucileyde Feitosa Sousa is a professor, PhD in Geography/UFPR, member of the Movement of Journalism and Science in the Amazon and columnist for Radio CBN Amazônia/Porto Velho and the site Portal Amazônia.

This seminar is part of the Post-Doctoral project developed at the Communication and Society Research Centre at the University of Minho, under the supervision of João Sarmento and Madalena Oliveira.

For reasons related to room capacity, registration for this event is free, but subject to the registration via email:

[Posted: 16-06-2021]