Seminar “Culture and Sustainable Community Development in Brazilian Federal Institutes”

The seminar “Culture and Sustainable Community Development in Brazilian Federal Institutes: challenges and possible paths” will take place on February 20 at 4 pm as part of the PolObs Culture 2024 Seminar Cycle — Connecting Doctoral Projects with Cultural Policies. The online event will be broadcast through Zoom.

The invited speaker for this session is Lídia Carvalhaes, a Professor at the Federal Institute of Goiano in Brazil. The discussion will centre on the articulation of culture within the Brazilian Federal Institutes of Education, Science, and Technology (FIs). The research’s overarching goal is to explore the political and institutional organisation of culture in the FIs and to identify the primary cultural initiatives undertaken by the FIs to promote sustainable community development aligned with the UN’s 2030 Agenda and UNESCO’s Culture Indicators for Development.

Adopting a hybrid methodology that combines quantitative and qualitative approaches, the research involved a documentary analysis of the cultural policies accessible on the FIs’ websites. Additionally, it included the distribution of a questionnaire and conducted semi-structured interviews (both online) with civil servants engaged in the cultural field.

Lídia Carvalhaes is a Professor at the Federal Institute of Goiás — Rio Verde Campus. She holds a Master’s degree in Literature and Linguistics from the Federal University of Goiás, specialising in Business and Financial Management from the University of Rio Verde, and a degree in Tourism Administration from the Catholic University of Goiás. In 2018 and 2019, she served as a member of the Science, Art, and Culture Centre and the coordinator of the Rio Verde Campus House of Culture. During this period, she actively contributed to the development of various projects and events, including the Art’Cum Cerrado Festival and the 1st Campus Art and Culture Festival. Currently, she is pursuing a PhD in Cultural Studies at the University of Minho, Portugal.

[Posted: 30-01-2024]