Visual Culture Seminar: CLEMENTINA

On October 27, this academic year’s second Visual Culture Seminar will be hosted by Cristina Mendanha and Francesca Rayner. The seminar, CLEMENTINA, will be held at 2.30 pm, in Room 0.05 of the Pedagogical Complex II of UMinho.

A video summary of the work based on the show CLEMENTINA by Arte Total, presented in July at Theatro Circo, will be screened. It is intended to discuss resistance actions to create other possible representations of the feminine, the body, and subjectivity, which are mostly absent in dance experiences in the school context and are often subjugated by power relations and the creation of “docile bodies” Foucault describes.

Cristina Mendanha (1966) holds a degree in Fine Arts – Painting from the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Porto (1989). She holds a Master’s degree in Art Education from the University of Surrey Roehampton and a PhD in Art Education from the Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Porto (2017). In 1992, she founded Arte Total, where she is the artistic director and a teacher. She is currently the coordinator of the Braga International Video Dance Festival. Her works include articles and presentations in Diálogos com Arte – Revista de Arte, Cultura e Educação, Arts Agön: Arts Research Forum -UW-Madison Arts Division, Encontro de Práticas de Pesquisa em Educação em Artes – Faculdade de Belas Artes, Universidade de Porto and European Conference on Educational Research – ECER. She is a researcher of the Art Education Research Laboratory (LabEA) and Artistic Practices: Grants for recognising its rhizomatic mechanisms in the transmission of knowledge.

Francesca Rayner is an Associate Professor of Theatre Studies at the University of Minho. Her research focuses on the cultural politics of performance, with particular emphasis on Shakespeare. She has published widely in national and international journals in this area, and edited several international journals and collections. She has been responsible for English and North American Studies and helped set up and run the University’s Drama course. She is currently involved in projects on the European impact of Shakespeare and women under the Portuguese dictatorship.

[Posted: 29-09-2022]