Seminar addressed issues on media consumption and hypermedia in the Portugal and Spain


As part of the ongoing Erasmus Teaching Mobility programme, Xosé López Garcia and Ana Isabel Rodríguez Vászquez, both from the Spanish University of Santiago de Compostela, participated in this morning’s seminar in the Social Sciences Institute of the University of Minho.

Xosé López Garcia presented the communication “The emergence of hyperlocal media in Portugal and Spain”. As coordinator of the research group “Novos Medios”, he argued that local media are here to stay in both countries, regardless the actual paradigms of such media that need to be enhanced and improved: “there is a lot of experiment, but few innovation”. A local media, according to this researcher, is designed to promote the discussion with audiences, engaging them in Media Literacy strategies.

Ana Isabel Rodríguez Vászquez, whom talked about “Media consumption trends in Portugal and Spain”, considered that “traditional audience measures are no longer enough in the present media landscape”. Vázquez argued that a more deepen collaboration between academics, researchers and media institutions is need, in dialogue with citizens, to raise awareness for local subjects, thus allowing people to share content.

This mobility programme intends to open up the possibilities for a wider understanding of the media landscape in these two countries, especially when it comes to shared concerns and common topics.

This was an initiative of CECS, and the research groups “Media and Journalism” and “Communication, Organizations and Social Dynamics”, as well as the Communication Sciences Department.

Text and photo: Vítor de Sousa
Translation: Fábio Ribeiro