Seminar “From Modernising Traditions to the Glocalisation of Academia

The Permanent Seminar on Post-Colonial Studies entitled “From Modernising Traditions to the Glocalisation of the Academy” will take place on 25 May at 4 p.m. The session will feature José Castiano, Emília Afonso Nhalevilo, Armindo Armando, Sheila Khan, Adelino Assane and will be moderated by Jessemusse Cacinda.

José P. Castiano is a full Professor in the Department of Philosophy and Cultural Studies at the Pedagogical University of Maputo. He holds the chair of African Philosophy, speciality education. He lectures at institutions such as the Eduardo Mondlane University (Masters in Philosophy), University of Barcelona (Doctoral Seminar), Agostinho Neto University (African Philosophy in the Masters in Philosophy), Academy of Police Sciences (Sociological Theories), Polytechnic University (Philosophy in the Doctoral Courses), University of Coimbra (Doctoral Seminars), etc. Among the main published works, stand out Do Espírito da Tradição ao Espírito da Reconciliação. Maputo, 2021 (in press) and O Inter-Munthu: Uma Filosofia da Reconciliação em Busca do Mínimo (in press).

Emília Afonso Nhaleivo is a full Professor in Didactics of Chemistry. Rector of Pungwe University in Mozambique. Former director of the Centre for Mozambican Studies and Ethnosciences, one of the research centres of the Pedagogical University; President of the Mozambican Association for Research in Mathematics, Science and Technology Education; Founding member of the African Association for Research in Native Knowledge (AASIKS).

Armindo Armando has a degree in Philosophy Teaching with Habilitations in History Teaching. Master in Political Sciences and International Relations. PhD student in Language, Culture and Society. Researcher at CECS. Collaborator of the study group ApreCultOrg: Learning and Organisational Culture of CNPq – Brazil. University lecturer and consultant.

Adelino Inácio Assane has a PhD in Education: Studies of the Quotidian and Popular Education from the Universidade Federal Fluminense, Brazil. He is a researcher on curriculum and primary education in Mozambique and on popular culture and formal education. He is a lecturer at the Universidade Rovuma, coordinator of the research group on Community Education and School Lifestyle at the same university and founding member of the Mozambican Association of Applied Studies.

Sheila Khan is a sociologist with a PhD in Ethnic and Cultural Studies (University of Warwick) and a researcher at the Communication and Society Research Centre at the University of Minho. She is a commentator for the RDP Africa programme, Debate Africa. Among her most recent works are: The World in Europe: Crises and Identities (2020); The Alchemy of Mechanisms of Racialisation, Criminalisation and Racial Surveillance (2021) and Racism and Racial Surveillance. Modernity Matters (2021).

Jessemusse Cacinda is a journalist and cultural activist with over 10 years of experience in Mozambique. She won the Qualidade award, offered by Radio Mozambique to journalists who stand out at the country level, in the categories of “best chronicle” (2013) and “best thematic reportage” (2014). He has experience with the civic movement in his country, having been involved in several public campaigns for press freedoms and freedom of expression. He has published books, book chapters, articles, chronicles and stories in Mozambique, Namibia and Kenya. He studied Philosophy, Sociology of Development and Project Management. In 2016, he founded Ethale Publishing, a publishing house focused on promoting African narratives and their diasporas and is a member of AMEA – Mozambican Association of Applied Studies.

The session will be broadcast via Facebook and YouTube.

[Posted: 17-05-2021]