[CANCELLED] Doctoral Seminar “Problematising listening and speaking”

On May 27, at 2:30 pm, the Engineering Auditorium II of the University of Minho will welcome another Doctoral Seminar of Communication Sciences and Cultural Studies for the 2021-2022 academic year. Manuel Pinto, a professor at the University of Minho, is the guest; “Problematising listening and speaking” is the theme.

A PhD in Communication Sciences since 1996, Manuel Pinto is a Full Professor (retired) from the Institute of Social Sciences at the University of Minho and a researcher at the Communication and Society Research Centre. He works in Journalism Studies, Sociology of Communication and Media, Media Literacy and focuses on studies of traditional popular cultures. He is co-director of the Media, Information and Literacy Observatory (MILObs). He was a member of the Directive Board and Director of the PhD Programme in Communication Sciences at UM and chaired the Institute of Social Sciences Council. He has also been the Director of the CECS. At the University, he has served on several bodies, including the faculty representative on the General Council, for the Citizen University movement. He was a journalist at Jornal de Notícias (1980-1988) and returned to journalism as a volunteer at the digital newspaper SeteMargens.com. He was a founder and lecturer at the Oporto School of Journalism (1985), founder and coordinator of the Público na Escola project (1989), and an elected member of the first team of the Independent General Council of the RTP.

[Posted: 09-05-2022 | Modified: 26-05-2022]