EXCHANGE seminar “De)Othering. Deconstructing Risk and Otherness in Media scapes: Lampedusa”

The  EXCHANGE Seminar “De) Othering. Deconstructing Risk and Otherness in Media scapes: Lampedusa”, with Gaia Giuliani (CES-Coimbra), will take place on February 6, at 2:30 p.m., in the Auditorium of Engineering of UMinho.

Its aim is to critically examine media representations on migrants, refugees and ‘internal Others’ in Portugal and across Europe while mapping out their interconnections with particular narratives in the field of security and within the War on Terror.

In this context, Gaia Giuliani will explore the visual and media representations of Lampedusa as a ‘proscenium’ (Cuttitta 2014, see also 2012) where a number of power relations, imaginaries, and stories (individual and collective) are continuously rehearsed and modified like in a work-in-progress mise en scène of the Self and its Others.

[Posted: 01-14-2019]