Seminar on “Gender, Intersectionality and Communication”

The Seminar on “Gender, Intersectionality and Communication” will take place on the 26th October, starting at 10:00 a.m., at the Sala de Atos of the Universidade Lusófona do Porto, with the institutional support of CECS. This seminar is divided into two big moments and assumes itself as a privileged space of reflection and debate on themes such as those which cross over with multiple forms of privilege and oppression on the field of communication.

The Conference “Intersectional Perspectives on Political Communication: The Case of Populist Radical Right Discourses in Europe” (Ov. Cristian Norocel, ULB) part from a gender lens and crosses pressing concepts from actuality such as intersectionality, communication and European policies. And its with this excellence motto that it will be introduced the presentation of the issue 35 of theex aequo jornal (APEM) that includes a thematic dossier dedicated to intersectional crossings in media, that was organized by the CECS researcher Carla Cerqueira (CECS, ICS-UM; ULP) and Sara I. Magalhães (CPUP, FPCEUP). This public presentation of this issue, by Professor Conceição Nogueira (CPUP, FPCEUP) and Professor Rosa Cabecinhas (ICS-UM), also CECS researcher, marks another step into the divulgation of research works that render visible the marks of oppression and privilege that crosses and constrains us, each and every one, each and every day (

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