Seminar “Press financing in crisis’ time: what role can the state play?”

Against a backdrop of bankruptcy of the press business model, newspaper sustainability needs new solutions. The role of the state in maintaining a quality journalistic supply, essential to democracy, is beginning to be discussed, as well as the supportive practices of various European countries.

Different solutions, responding to different needs, must be envisaged in a system that wants to ensure sustainability, but also diversity and quality. Any model that may be defined should be based on clear, transparent and fair applicability criteria so as not to create suspicion of patronage or to undermine the editorial independence of newspapers.

In this context, the next Permanent Seminar on Communication and Culture Policies is scheduled for December 20th, at 11h00, in the ICS Image Room (room 0.08) and will be hosted by Elsa Costa e Silva.

Elsa Costa e Silva received her PhD in Communication Sciences in 2013, in the area of ​​Communication Political Economy. She is Assistant Professor at the Institute of Sciences of the University of Minho, where she teaches in the areas of Journalism, Political Economy and communication markets. She was part of the project team funded by FCT “The Regulation of Media in Portugal: the case of ERC”. She was a journalist for the Diário de Notícias for ten years.

[Posted: 11-12-2019]