Seminar “What are urban imaginaries”

On December 13, at 10 am, the seminar What are urban imaginaries will be held in a hybrid format (online and on-site, in the ICS Conference Room), with guest speaker Armando Silva, Professor Emeritus of the National University of Colombia.

This training course is divided into three parts:
1- History: definition of the concept of the imaginary and aesthetics based on cinematic imaginaries: exploring the relationship between cinema and the city, as well as the interplay between imaginaries and representation.
2- Methodology: what an imagined city is, the significance of statistics, archives, and creative contributions from citizens.
3- Imaginaries and public art: illustrative examples from two of the author’s overarching projects, “Latin imagined cities and communities in the world” and “Imagined Europe”.

For bibliography and references, you can visit the Datos Imaginários Urbanos page, where Armando Silva’s works and archives are available in Spanish, Portuguese, and English:

Urban imaginaries
Barcelona imagined
São Paulo imagined
Imaginaries: social astonishment
City atmospheres: art, graffiti and urban niches

A certificate of participation can be issued on request.

[Posted: 29-11-2023]