“Communication and Diversity” Permanent Seminar to be held on 21st February

The upcoming session of the “Communication and Diversity” Permanent Seminar was held in the ICS, at the University of Minho, on 21st February, at 14:30. This event entitled “Mozambique Island: where diversity creates an identity” was led by Lurdes Macedo, a Post-Doctoral research in CECS.

As part of her research, Lurdes Macedo was recently working in the Eduardo Mondlane University, in Mozambique, for seven months, in order to collect pertinent information about the potentialities provided by the Web 2.0 for the intercultural communication, thus interviewing several personalities within the cultural and artistic background in the country.

The “Communication and Diversity” Permanent Seminar is one of the ongoing discussion groups in CECS, created by researchers of the Cultural Studies Group to promote a research agenda based on the intersection of communication, culture, diversity and media subjects.