Permanent Seminar on Communication and Diversity on “Diversity, domestic violence and media regulation: current challenges”

The Permanent Seminar on Communication and Diversity on “Diversity, domestic violence and media regulation: current challenges” will take place on February 5, at 2:30 p.m., in the Institute of Social Sciences.

This seminar will make a critical reflection on diversity in the Portuguese media, seeking to articulate the work of the Regulatory Entity for Social Communication (ERC) with academic research. In the first speech, Túlia Marques, from the Department of Media Analysis of ERC, will present an analysis on “Socio-cultural diversity in generalist open signal channels”. Next, the CECS researcher, Elsa Costa e Silva, will address “Pluralism and diversity – democratic values still to defend? Regulation and Communication Policies in the 21st century”. The first part of the session serves as a motto for the presentation of a recent study of the ERC on “Representations of domestic violence in prime time television,” which will be commented by the CECS researcher, Silvana Mota Ribeiro. The moderation will be in charge of Carla Cerqueira, researcher of the CECS.

Biographical notes by the speakers:

Túlia Marques
She is a member of the Media Analysis Department of the Regulatory Entity for Social Communication (ERC), where she develops a systematic analysis of pluralism. She is the co-author of the study on representations of domestic violence in the media and on issues related to socio-cultural diversity, developed in the ERC Media Analysis Department. She has been a member of the International Working Groups on Media and Gender – Domestic Violence of the PER (Platform of the Regulatory Entities of the Social Communication of the Portuguese Speaking Countries and Territories) and currently the RIRM (Network of Audiovisual Regulators of the Mediterranean). She was Coordinator of the Participative Citizenship project – from the local to the global, axes of social development, gender and violence prevention in the NGO Moinho da Juventude, in Cova da Moura and Representative of the “Tandem Work Methodology” for the eradication of Poverty and Exclusion in the CEPAIM Foundation (Spain). She is a co-author of the publication Cohesion for Social Cohesion (Fundación Cepaim, January 2015), which brings together a set of methodological tools for a model of intervention in contexts of ethnic and cultural diversity.
She holds a degree in Social Policy from the Higher Institute of Social and Political Sciences (ISCSP) and holds a post-graduate degree in Human Rights from Ius Gentium Conimbrigae (IGC) at the University of Coimbra.

Elsa Costa e Silva
Assistant Professor at the University of Minho, a researcher at CECS and the coordinator of the Communication and Economics WG of Sopcom.
Degree in Social Communication, Master in Economic and Social Studies and Ph.D. in Communication Sciences – Political Economy of Communication at the University of Minho. She was a journalist for the Diário de Notícias from 1998 to 2008, having been assistant editor of the North Newsroom from July 2006 to May 2007. Her research is in the area of Political Economy of Communication, her interests being linked to the concentration of property, business models, regulation and new media. It is in this area that he has published several works and integrated research projects.

Silvana Mota Ribeiro
Assistant Professor, Department of Communication Sciences, University of Minho, Portugal, and researcher at CECS. She has a doctorate in Communication Sciences, specialization in Social Semiotics (European Ph.D., University of Minho and University of London). She published Retratos de Mulher: Construções Sociais e Representações Visuais no Feminino (2005, Field of Letters) and contributed to the Dictionary of Feminist Criticism (2005, Afrontamento). She has been working in the area of gender and image and for several years has been developing research in the field of gender discourses and the Feminist Critical Discourse Analysis in articulation with Visual Socio-semiotics. She has published several articles highlighting those related to gender discourses in advertising images. She is the coordinator of the Gender & Sexualities Working Group of SOPCOM (Portuguese Association of Communication Sciences). In 2017/2018, she obtained a sabbatical leave to continue her research in the field of gender and aging discourses, with Professor Carmen Caldas-Coulthard, and with the UFSC’s Communication and Expression Center as host institution.

Carla Cerqueira
Ph.D. in Communication Sciences – specialty of Psychology of Communication at the University of Minho. She is currently a postdoctoral fellow in Communication Sciences at the Foundation for Science and Technology and a researcher at the Communication and Society Research Centre (CECS).

[Published: 01-02-2018]