Permanent Seminar “Observatories and research: frameworks and purposes”

Next Monday, May 9, at 4 pm, the Observatory on Science Communication and Culture Policies , (POLObs) holds the Permanent Seminar “Observatories and research: frameworks and purposes”. This session, via Zoom, is meant to reflect on the concept, role and processes of communication observatories.

Drawing from the experience of Rogério Christofoletti, professor at the Federal University of Santa Catarina (Brazil), at the Journalistic Ethics Observatory (objETHOS), this meeting will provide an opportunity to debate these research and intervention structures’ mission. What is the role of an observatory? How can the work produced within such organisations contribute to developing informed public policies? Such is the motto for the dialogue, where everyone is welcome to participate.

Rogério Christofoletti is a journalist with a Master’s degree in Linguistics and PhD in Communication Sciences. He completed a post-doctoral internship at the Universidad de Sevilla, Spain. He has written and organised 14 books and has more than 130 chapters in books and articles in national and international journals. In 2009, he created the Journalistic Ethics Observatory.

[Posted: 06-05-2022]