Permanent Seminar “University radios: legal framework and regulation”

Next Monday, May 16th, at 4 pm, the Observatory of Science, Communication and Culture Policies (POLObs) from the University of Minho holds the Permanent Seminar “University Radios: legal framework and regulation”. This session aims to be a meeting for reflection on this broadcasting sector, both in terms of its operating model and its regulatory framework.

In Portugal, the university radios operate as local radios. With FM broadcasting, four stations are usually referred to: Rádio Universitária do Minho (RUM), Universidade FM, Rádio Universitária de Coimbra (RUC) and Rádio Universitária do Algarve (RUA). What challenges do these stations represent from the point of view of regulation? And how is the legal framework for online broadcasters envisaged? Based on the experience in Spain, this edition will seek to provide a moment of discussion with students, teachers and researchers.

Daniel Martín Pena is professor at the Universidad de Extremadura, Director of RadioTv at UEx (OndaCampus) and President of the Asociación de Radios Universitarias de España (ARU).

[Posted: 13-05-2022]