PolObs Seminar: Performing Arts: creation and management in collective experiences

Next Tuesday, January 9, at 3 pm, the seminar on Performing Arts: creation and management in collective experiences will be held. This event is organised by the Observatory of Science, Communication, and Culture Policies (PolObs) of the Communication and Society Research Centre at the University of Minho. The session will be broadcast online via the Zoom platform.

This session’s guest is professor and researcher Maria Helena Cunha, a doctoral student in the Arts in the postgraduate programme at the School of Fine Arts at the Federal University of Minas Gerais in Brazil. She will discuss her doctoral project which aims to investigate the collaborative processes that intertwine the creative experiences and organisational processes of theatre groups, addressing the collective experience in the performing arts and looking for elements in the field of cultural management that support the collective way of doing things. The methodology defined to conduct the qualitative research was based on two tools that complement each other: the collective interview (semi-structured script) and the lifeline-building exercise.

Maria Helena Cunha is a cultural manager, teacher, and researcher with a Master’s in Education, specialising in Cultural Planning and Management. She coordinated the postgraduate course in Cultural Management at the UNA University Centre and led the planning of the Strategic Solutions Programme for the Performing Arts (SEBRAE-MG). As the director of Inspire Gestão Cultural, she published the books “Gestão Cultural: Profissão em Formação” (2007; Cultural Management: A Profession in Training) and “Planejamento Estratégico de Projetos e Programas Culturais” (2018; Strategic Planning of Cultural Projects and Programmes). Currently, she serves as the pedagogical coordinator of the training programme at Instituto Vivas and Instituto Tatajuba and is a doctoral student in Arts at the Escola de Belas Artes /UFMG postgraduate programme, researching the arts of the stage.

[Posted: 05-01-2024]