Polobs seminar “Talking over the noise of machines. Degradation of democracy, privatisation of information and political struggle”

On June 1 at 4 pm, the PolObs seminar titled “Talking over the noise of the machines: Degradation of democracy, privatisation of information, and political struggle” will be held in the Sala de Atos of the ICS.

The esteemed guest for this session is Sylvia Moretzsohn, a PolObs researcher and retired professor from Universidade Federal Fluminense (UFF).

The metaphor talking above the noise of machines symbolises the urgent need to combat alienation. Formulated by a Brazilian journalist, inspired by a scene from the film “The Working Class Goes to Heaven”, this metaphor sets the tone for this seminar. It aims to promote the discussion on the challenges of countering disinformation in the current context of the resurgence of fascism, closely intertwined with the movement of capital, which seemingly no longer relies on democracy.  In the search for ways out, to recover the democratic project and address the role of journalism and media education, two crucial issues need to be considered: the current epistemic crisis, which makes the distinction between truth and lies irrelevant, and the deepening privatisation of information, where algorithmic control restricts or hinders access to diverse sources and perspectives.

Sylvia Moretzsohn, a journalist and retired professor from Universidade Federal Fluminense (UFF), holds a Master’s degree in Social Communication and a PhD in Social Work. She is also a researcher at Objethos (UFSC) and PolObs.

[Posted: 26-05-2023]