Seminar “Cultural Resistance in Women: Legacies and Intergenerational Inheritance”

The seminar “Cultural Resistance in Women: Legacies and Intergenerational Inheritance” will be held on January 27 at 3 pm at Biblioteca Lúcio Craveiro da Silva.

With the approaching 50th anniversary of democracy in Portugal, various discussions and reflections gain urgency, seeking to promote, foster, and open up new spaces for sharing experiences, emotions, and paths made of struggle, faith, commitment, and other less happy human dimensions.

This meeting seeks to revive the memories of a long journey, one forged and charted by women who have joined forces in the fight not only for democracy but also for more inclusive citizenship, aware of and open to contemporary challenges. Today, the legacies of these 50 years in the feminine realm resonate not only in reflections on women’s place but, above all, in broader discussions on gender issues, identity, and cultural choices. These human inheritances have not been consigned to a neglected and dusty chest; instead, through various and different socialisation processes, the newer generations perceive these legacies of April 25 are their own. They recognise that their grandmothers, mothers, and the faces of Portugal, not only women, have managed to keep them alive. These enduring inheritances are mirrored in acts of empathy and fraternity between generations.

In this context, the purpose of this gathering is to bring to life, make present, and amplify the voices, memories, perceptions, and reflections that hold profound significance in actively shaping cultural resistance. It underscores the relevance of intergenerational legacies and inheritances.

[Posted: 19-01-2024]