Seminar on Tourism, Leisure and Communication

“Tourism, Leisure, and Communication: practical cases” is the theme of the seminar that will take place in the Institute of Social Sciences of the University of Minho, on May 30, at 3:30 p.m.

After the presentation of the seminar, the first roundtable will be held with the participation of Sara Balonas, Carlos Pazos-Justo, Roberto Samartim, Ana Melo and Paula Remoaldo.

Sara Balonas, a CECS researcher, will talk about how to “Mark a territory based on its identity: the case of the Barroso region”. Carlos Pazos-Justo, from the University of Minho and Roberto Samartim, from the University of Coruña, will present a paper titled “Exposing the city: Impacts of the Jacobeu phenomenon in Santiago de Compostela”. Ana Melo, also a researcher at CECS, is the following speaker and will present the communication “Porto fashion: a communicational approach to the sustainable management of tourism success”. Closing the first round table, Paula Remoaldo, a Lab2PT researcher, will speak on “The Future of Tourism and the Role of Creative Tourism.”

The second round table of this seminar has the theme “Ideals & projects in tourism and leisure and the Social Sciences” and is open to the participation of all who want to share ideas on this theme.

The organization of this session is in charge of the Master in Sociology, CECS think thank, Communitas and LAB2PT.

Free entry.

[Posted: 17-05-2019]