MILObs Seminars: The ‘Citizenship and Development’ Controversy

MILObs – Observatory on Media, Information and Literacy carried out a study on the media coverage of the controversy surrounding the subject of ‘Citizenship and Development’ in four national newspapers (DN, JN, Observer and Público). The preliminary results will be presented in an online seminar to be held on October 28 at 3 pm, with critical comments by Manuel Sarmento (UMinho) and Isabel Menezes (FPCE – UPorto).

The study helps to understand the visions of school and education that are in conflict in this exchange of arguments and the way the different media have positioned themselves in this debate. Who was heard? Who hasn’t? What are the arguments presented? What was left to say? Here are some of the issues that will be debated.

It is recalled that the controversy broke out in early September, after several personalities signed a manifesto against the mandatory discipline.

The ‘Citizenship and Development’ component is integrated into the curriculum of Basic and Secondary Education, with some of the proposed areas being mandatory in all years of schooling. Among them are, for example, human rights, gender equality, sustainable development, environmental education, health, sexuality and media, among others.

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[Posted: 23-10-2020]