Cosmos Collapse” session at the Casa do Conhecimento

A session on the work “Cosmos Collapso” by Brazilian artist Gustavo Silvestre will be held on March 13 at 6 pm at the University of Minho’s Casa do Conhecimento.

Inspired by Descartes’ famous adage, “I think, therefore I am”, and Darwin’s ‘Theory of Evolution’, Cosmos Collapso reflects on the essence of the human condition. It explores its most primal state of existence, the struggle for survival and sacrifice, delving into deeper layers to examine the awakening of consciousness, the connection with nature and liberation. An extraordinary production emerges from the interaction between two artists, João Bosco Amaral, a theatre director, and Gustavo Silvestre, a dancer and filmmaker. This unprecedented show represents an intersection of dance, theatre, audiovisual, and technology.

The dance solo, initiated in May 2023 across Braga, Portugal, and Goiânia, Brazil, now returns to Portuguese soil for an artistic residency at UMinho’s Casa do Conhecimento in collaboration with the La Maquila Artistic Creation Centre. In March, it will also hold an exclusive open pre-rehearsal for the UMinho Master’s Degree in Communication, Art, and Culture.

Following the rehearsal, a roundtable discussion will focus on the group’s involvement in artistic and cultural management, artistic projects, festivals, and strategic communication in culture. João Bosco Amaral, La Maquina’s artistic director, will mediate this discussion.

[Posted: 12-03-2024]