Session “Turning the Party: Cultural Heritage in Documentary”

On January 17, at 2:30 p.m., in the Social Sciences Institute, the session “Rotate the Party: the Cultural Heritage in Documentary” will be held. The scientific event will take place in the scope of the new project of the CECS, “FESTIVITY – Cultural heritage and community sustainability. Interplays between research and communication: the ‘Bugiada e Mouriscada de Sobrado’ case”.

Rita Ribeiro, the principal investigator of the project, will start the agenda addressing the issue of communicating intangible cultural heritage.

The meeting will also have space for the presentation of the Olympic Film Festival Olympia, by Alexandre Baena and Gabriella Florenzano, as well as there will be a place for the presentation and exhibition of three documentaries.

At the end of the afternoon, Giane Lessa, Manuel Pinto, Luís Santos, Alexandre Baena, Luiz Daminello, Priscila Rosossi and Graziela Ribeiro will form a roundtable to discuss the theme of the session, followed by Penélope by Brisa Calleri e Danielle Visco.

[Posted: 10-01-2019]