Sílvia Raquel Barros Pinto defends PhD in Communication Sciences

The doctoral exams in Communication Sciences by Sílvia Raquel Barros Pinto will be held on September 15 (2:30 p.m.), in the ICS (Social Sciences Institute) Sala de Atos of the University of Minho, in Braga. The thesis is supervised by Nelson Zagalo, Lecturer in the Department of Communication Sciences at UMinho and a researcher in CECS, and by Lia Raquel Oliveira (University of Minho – Education Institute), and is entitled  ” The Storytelling as Pedagogical Process of Artistic-Cultural Ownership: Journey Into Hieronymus Bosch’s Work Mediated by a Tangible Surface”.
The panel of examiners will be chaired by the ICS president, Helena Sousa, representing UMinho’s dean, and the following members:

– Adérito Fernandes Marcos, Full Professor at Universidade Aberta (Lisbon);

– Albertino Gonçalves, Full Lecturer with Habillation at UMinho’s Sociology Department (Institute of Social Sciences) and investigator at CECS;

– Sara Pereira, Full Lecturer at UMinho’s Communication Sciences Department (Institute of Social Sciences), and investigaotr at CECS;

– José Carlos de Paiva e Silva, Lecturer at University of Porto

– Nelson Zagalo, Lecturer at UMinho’s Institute of Social Sciences