Tatiana Lopes Vargas: new PhD in Cultural Studies

On December 3th, at 10:00 a.m., in the Institute of Social Sciences, the doctoral thesis in Sociology of Tatiana Lopes Vargas was held.

The thesis, directed by Anabela Carvalho, is entitled “Leisure and environment: subjectivities and practices in the community initiative Aveiro in Transition”.

The jury, chaired by Helena Sousa, is composed of:

– Sofia Isabel Coelho Bento, Associate Professor, Department of Social Sciences of the Higher Institute of Economics and Management of the University of Lisbon;

– Maria Rosa Soares Pedrosa Cabecinhas, Associate Professor with Aggregation, Department of Communication Sciences of the Institute of Social Sciences of the University of Minho;

– Elisabete Maria Melo Figueiredo, Assistant Professor, Department of Social Sciences, Politics and Territory of the University of Aveiro;

– Maria Cristina Firmino Santos, Assistant Professor, Department of Linguistics and Literature of the School of Social Sciences of the University of Évora;

– Manuel Cuenca Cabeza, Emeritus Professor at the University of Deusto.

[Text published 03-12-2018]