Talks on “The Reader and the Book” at the Braga Book Fair

The 31st edition of the Braga Book Fair will feature a talk organized by the CECS. On July 16, at 9 pm, the writer and researcher Luís Carmelo will talk about the relationship between the reader and the book with the CECS Director, Madalena Oliveira.

Luís Carmelo is a Portuguese writer with a doctorate in semiotics from the University of Utrecht (Netherlands). He is the author of fifteen novels, several essays and some volumes of poetry. An associate professor at the Universidade Autónoma de Lisboa, he is a member of the Portuguese Writers’ Association and the International Semiotics Association. He directs the Writing School and is also the editor of Nova Mymosa

Madalena Oliveira is the Director of the CECS and has a PhD in Communication Sciences. She has been developing scientific research work on sound culture and radio studies.

The Braga Book Fair concentrates and highlights, for two weeks, the outstanding work developed by numerous agents and entities whose activity is essential for promoting reading and the appreciation of Braga’s book and literary sector.

The programme is available here.

[Posted: 30-06-2022]