TIME.HUB: Policies of Time, Mobilities, and Territories

The second session of the TIME.HUB cycle will be held on June 22, at 9:15 am, in the Multimedia Auditorium of the Institute of Education of UMinho.

“Policies of Time, Mobilities, and Territories” will be the theme of the day, with contributions from Emília Araújo (CECS/UM), Marta Junque (Time Use Initiative, Barcelona), Márcia Silva (CECS/UM/UBI), Filipa Corais (LAB2PT/EAAD/UM and MIT/Portugal), Sandra Brito (LAB2PT/UM), João Monteiro (Lab2PT), Daniela Monteiro (UCP) and Paula Mascarenhas (CECS/UM).

More information, here.

Admission is free.

[Posted: 13-06-2023]