TransArts, expanded art and new languages | ECREA 2020 Pre-conference call

Passeio, the CECS platform for the study of art and urban culture, is organizing one of ECREA 2020’s pre-conferences. “TransArts, expanded art and new languages” is scheduled for October 1, 2020, from 2 pm and at 17h00.

Brief description
To understand what the art-works and the artists say and do, through the most varied techniques and forms, and in a permanent movement between the aesthetic disciplines, in their relationship with the public, the critics, the curators and the community is a way of thinking new languages and new perspectives on art and life. The preconference aims to question art when it integrates new possibilities and seeks to create new meanings. It invites papers that critically examine the invitations, questions and doubts set up by “transart” projects as well as by the limits or boundaries that separate different forms of artistic expression, art from life and artworks from the public.

This pre-conference event offers a plataform for active art practitioners, academics and PhD students to discuss and exchange on current developments of “transart” projects and borders’ transgression and integration in the field of arts. Steered by the local organisers, the working(s) group(s) will debate and exchange experiences on particular questions and cases. A great opportunity for networking.

Submission and selection process
Presentations at the conference are based on abstracts of 500 words, to be submitted by March 27, 2020, to the following email:

Submit your abstract as an e-mail attachment with no references to the authors. Authors details (name, affiliation and contact details) must be included in the e-mail message.

Abstracts will be subject to blind peer-review. Decisions on acceptance will be made by May 1, 2020. Please note that no more than 13 abstracts will be selected for each working group.

Application Fees

• 35€ for Non-Ecrea members
• 30€ for ECREA members
• 15€ for PhD students.

Details and payment procedures will be announced at a later date.

Passeio, CECS
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[Posted: 17-01-2020]