Three ERASMUS+ projects with the participation of CECS researchers

Recently, three researchers from the Communication and Society Research Centre (CECS) received a positive evaluation in their applications to the ERASMUS + program. The result resulted in three projects approved with the participation of CECS.

“License Européenne en Médiation pour l’Inclusion Sociale (LIMEdiat)” is the name of the project in which the researcher Ana Maria Silva participates. LIMEdiat’s main objectives are to develop a training plan, at the level of a Bachelor’s degree, aligned with the principles of Bologna; produce and gather digital materials for online teaching and learning; conceive a system of theoretical-practical training and internships through the mobility of students and teachers; and validate the Degree in Mediation for Social Inclusion with European and national agencies in the countries of the LIMEdiat consortium.

“Countering Hate And Extremism on Campus – Knowledge Innovation and Training in HE (CHECKIT HE)” is the project in which researchers Helena Machado, Sheila Khan and Rafaela Granja participate. CHECKIT HE’s objectives are to improve the HE response to hatred and extremism on the campuses of higher education institutions, through the promotion of capacity, knowledge and skills, bringing together innovative projects and practices in the field. The project is based on the idea that higher education has a vital role to play in supporting tolerant and civically engaged societies.

“European Media and Platform Policy” (EuromediApp) is the project in which researcher Helena Sousa participates, within the scope of the Jean Monnet Network. This network is dedicated to studying, analyzing and discussing the economic, social and cultural challenges that digital platforms represent in Europe and around the world. By bringing together knowledge and research capacity, the EuromediApp will provide learning spaces and support national and transnational policy-making mechanisms for digital services.

[Posted: 30-11-2020]