Cultural Studies Group visits cultural institutions of Braga

On March 22nd, students from the Doctoral Program in Cultural Studies, with Professor Rosa Cabecinhas, visited some of the cultural institutions of Braga: Theatro Circo, the Lúcio Craveiro da Silva Library and the Bracara Augusta Archaeological Center.

The visit began at 10:00 am at Theatro Circo, with the presentation of the institution by Cláudia Leite, Executive Manager. After a brief narrative about more than 100 years of this neo-baroque space, participants were given the opportunity to get to know the stages that welcome all kinds of cultural expressions. Two stages and many spaces “where the magic happens”, from the backstage to the main stage. Paulo Brandão, the cultural programmer of the institution, took the honors to explain the avant-garde mission of Theatro Circo and what awaits this space for the coming times.

At 12h00 the group went to the Library Lúcio Craveiro da Silva. More than a library, it seeks to be a space of service to the community of Braga with various activities ranging from talks, recitals, exhibitions to workshops. Several floors and a rich collection of literature for all tastes, along with an invitation to discover the history with vestiges of the Jewish house and the Roman galleries.

An aperitif for the last visit, at 15:00, the Bracara Augusta Archaeological Center. An interpellation of 2000 years of the romanization guided by Armandino Cunha. With support of virtual reality it was possible to understand the public spaces of the spa and the amphitheater of Cividade, the private life in the Domus of the Old School of the Sé and the religious experience through the Idol Fountain, evoking the native (non-Roman) , Tongo and Nabia.

Cultural Studies are made of a challenging past, a questioning gift and a future with everything to give.

[Posted: 28-03-2019 | Photography: Jorge de Faria Moreira]