Last session of the debate cycle “The present and future of Public Communication”

The last session of the cycle of debates “The present and the future of Public Communication” will be held on May, 30, at 6 pm.

The theme of the session will be “Empresa Brasil de Comunicação and the challenges of the contemporary media ecosystem” and it will have the participation of Hélio Doyle (Empresa Brasil de Comunicação) and Murilo César Ramos (University of Brasília).

Being the closing session of this cycle, the members of the Scientific and Organising Committee will also be present: Elton Bruno Pinheiro (University of Brasília and University of Minho), Luís António Santos (University of Minho), Madalena Oliveira (University of Minho) and Fernando Paulino (University of Brasília).

Applications for registration should be sent to, with the knowledge to, with the following information: full name, contact e-mail and institution of affiliation (and indicate in the subject “Ciclo de Debates”).

The complete program is available here.