A coffee with science?

As part of the Science and Technology Week, CECS organizes a science café, scheduled for November 27, at 9 pm, at the FNAC Culture space of the Braga Parque mall. In this activity, CECS presents its five platforms and makes known the work of each of them to society.

Communication with and for the community is the strategic focus of the Communication and Society Research Centre, which has five intervention platforms: Think Tank Communitas, the MILObs and POLObs Observatories and the Virtual Museum of Lusophony and the Passeio.

In line with the European scientific agenda, CECS sees Communication as the key to cohesive, reliable, inclusive and welcoming communities. This ideal can only be based on the quality and transparency of information, the quality and diversity of intercultural relations, as well as the quality and soundness of democracy. For this reason, CECS seeks to study and debate the role that the media and communication systems play, providing citizens with quality information and reinforcing promising futures.

Admission is free.

[Posted: 08-11-2019]