UMinho received training in the framework of th REC project (Reporters in Construction)

The REC (Reporters in Progress [Repórteres em Construção]) is a project that was born from the multiplatform experience of the 4th Congress of Journalists and which now aggregates 23 of the 28 Journalism/Communication Sciences courses in Higher Education in Portugal.

The proposal aims to create an ‘anchor writing’, capable of producing content regularly for various media. The set of three training actions is in progress until March – which has already passed through UMinho, on a weekend in February and which involved several professors from the Department of Communication Sciences and CECS researchers – aims to provide a specific group of students (in the North, in the Center and in the South of the country) of skills – in terms of handling of similar equipment, technique and language.

The first project – already underway – is the realization of a series of programs for broadcast on Rádio Renascença. It will follow a digital multimedia publishing platform.