Vânia Tajra: new PhD in Communication Sciences

The doctoral exams in Communication Sciences by Vânia Maria Magalhães Tajra were held on April 26 (2:30 p.m.), in the ICS auditorium of UMinho (Braga). The thesis is supervided by Sergio Denicoli (postdoctoral researcher at CECS) and Joaquim Fidalgo (Lecturer at the Department of Communication Sciences at University of Minho and researcher at CECS), is entitled “Civil Internet Framework in Brazil: The transition to a model of digital democracy”.

This investigation deals with the construction of the Civil Internet Framework of Brazil, begun in 2009, under the aegis of several pillars of Brazilian society. The thesis, developed in five chapters, shows the effective participation of society, through online platforms, in the construction of principles, guarantees, rights and duties for the use of the Internet in Brazil, a country that today, with 204 million inhabitants, has 57.5% of the population connected, becoming the one that most uses social networks in Latin America and the fifth largest digital audience in the world.

According to Vânia Tajra, the conception of the work was intended to show that the construction of Brazil’s Civil Internet Framework by democratizing access to the Internet and regulating it, besides disciplining the rights and duties of providers and users while maintaining freedom and democracy in Network, “established a new social pact, highlighting a new citizen, participant in a process, and leading Brazil to become a reference in legislation on the world computer network. Information, Technology and Democracy are, therefore, the bases that underpin the work developed during the doctoral period”.