“Summer with Science”: calls for 25 scholarships open

Two calls for 5 research initiation grants and 20 research grants are open, within the scope of two projects included in the Special Support “Summer with Science”.

The “Africas: mobility, violence, memory and creativity” project has 5 research initiation grants (BII) and 10 research grants (BI). The call is available here.

The project “Summer School in Communication and Culture for Development” has 10 research grants (BI). The call is available here.

The contests take place between July 15th and 21st.

The “Summer with Science” initiative aims to stimulate the development of “Summer Schools” in Polytechnics and Universities in the country with integrated initiatives of R&D and higher education in person. This support aims to finance scholarships and training plans to encourage in-person activities of students, teachers and researchers, within the scope of the development of innovative solutions associated with the Economic and Social Stabilization Program (PEES), in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, contributing through the higher qualification of students.

The support is intended for students who meet the conditions to be scholarship holders for initiation to research or research (articles 5 and 6 of the FCT scholarship Regulation) as well as students with scholarships for school social action; and higher education institutions and their institutes, State Laboratories and other public research institutions, scientific societies or non-profit scientific associations, public or private non-profit institutions, or business entities in partnership with research institutions.

[Posted: 15-07-2020]