Promotional video of the Feast of St. John of Sobrado (Valongo) in the framework of a project led by CECS

Directed by Martin Dale, a promotional video of the Festival of Bugiada and Mouriscada (Sobrado – Valongo) has just been released. This promotional video is a production of the “Bugiada e Mouriscada” project, developed by the Center for Studies on Communication and Society (CECS), University of Minho, in partnership with Casa do Bugio (Organizing Association of the Bugiada and Mouriscada Festival), The Union of Parishes of Campo and Sobrado and the Town Hall of Valongo.
The scientific study on the Feast of Bugiada and Mouriscada, with a socio-anthropological and historiographic character, is coordinated by the researcher Rita Ribeiro and aims at the registration of this Party in the National List of Intangible Heritage, on the other hand, instructing its candidacy to UNESCO Intangible Heritage.