150 researchers participated in the VII AIM Conference

Although this was a meeting more suitable for those whom research on image and movement subjects, this years’ conference opened with a session dedicated to sound. Miguel van der Kellen, Martin Dale and Pedro Neves, chaired by Pedro Portela, talked about the importance of sound in the media sphere, in an event hosted by Lúcio Craveiro da Silva Public Library, on 10th May. According to Pedro Neves, a director, “sound shows up the athmosphere, more than image can provide”. Miguel van der Kellen acknowledged that “one of the most interesting aspects, when editing audio, ends when an image is created in the listeners’ minds”.

This was a pre-conference event, during in the afternoon. Later that night, the VII AIM (Image and Movement Association) Conference, participants were invited to watch the movie “Tarrafal”, a documentary of the Oporto neighborhood S. João de Deus. In the TOCA association site, in BragaShopping, “a shadow of ruines gathered the memories of this neighborhood, where moral and social standards are no longer the most appreciated ones”.

In the following days (11th, 12th and 13th May), more than 150 researchers presented their work, as well as the keynote speakers Catherine Grant (University of Sussex, UK), Ernest W. Adams (University of Uppsala, Sweden) Suécia) and Kim Akass, from the School of Creative Arts in the University of Hertfordshire (UK).

This conference was both organised by CECS and AIM


Madalena Oliveira & Fábio Ribeiro (text)/Madalena Oliveira & Luís António Santos (photos)