[New deadline] Vista: Call for papers on “Media Arts: convergence of art spheres in the digital age”

It is open, between March 4 and July 10, 2024, the call for papers for Vista on “Media Arts: convergence of art spheres in the digital age”.

Thematic Editors: Daniel Brandão (Universidade do Minho, Portugal), João Martinho Moura (Universidade do Minho, Portugal/International Iberian Laboratory of Nanotechnology, Portugal) and
Christa Sommerer (University of Arts Linz, Austria)

Media arts has been incorporating cutting-edge technologies such as virtual reality, augmented reality and artificial intelligence into its artistic practice. Collaboration between artists and technologists has promoted increasingly innovative approaches to audience engagement. Immersive experiences, interactive installations and digital narratives are explored, questioning the limits of both form and content and nurturing an increasingly dynamic state of the art.

In this thematic volume, we aim to highlight the evolving landscape of interdisciplinary media arts research and practice as it intertwines with the ever-expanding realms of digital media. We invite submissions of articles, book reviews, interviews and visual projects (in full-text format) that contribute to exploring the artistic frontiers proposed by media arts in the context of contemporary digital society. We are looking for works that propose a dive into the intersections of art and technology, and an understanding of how technological evolution in digital media has been affecting creative and artistic practice, challenging expression and aesthetic perception, but also the ethics of the creative process itself.

This publication aims to bring theoretical debate closer to practical exploration, offering a platform for academics and practitioners to share ideas, methodologies and case studies. Interdisciplinary collaborations will be encouraged, as well as contributions to deepen ethical considerations about the use of advanced technologies in art, the impact of media arts on social discourse and the potential to promote inclusion and diversity in the digital art space. We also invite submissions on the role of media arts in response to and shaping social perceptions in an era marked by rapid technological innovation.

In this context, we propose some topics for reflection:

  • immersive technologies and the impact of virtual reality and augmented reality on artistic experiences and narrative structures;
  • ethical considerations on the use of artificial intelligence in the creation and experience of media arts;
  • interaction and participation in digital artistic narratives;
  • contributions of media arts to social and political activism, and the impact on public discourse;
  • inclusion and diversity in the creation and reception of media arts;
  • interdisciplinary collaborations between artists, scientists and technologists;
  • environmental impact and sustainability of digital technologies in media arts;
  • post-digital aesthetics and the physical and virtual boundaries in contemporary artistic expression.


Submission (full manuscript): March 4 to July 10, 2024

Journal publication date: continuous edition (July to December 2024)


The manuscripts may be submitted in English or Portuguese. Papers selected for publication will be translated into Portuguese or English and must be published in both languages.


Vista is an open-access academic journal, following demanding peer-review standards based on a double-blind review process. After submission, the papers will be forwarded to two reviewers, previously invited to evaluate them according to their academic quality, originality and relevance to the journal’s objectives and scope.

Originals must be submitted through the journal’s website. If you are accessing Vista for the first time, you must register before submitting your manuscript (instructions for registration here).

Publication guidelines are available here.

For further information, please contact: vista@ics.uminho.pt

[Posted: 16-02-2024 | Modified: 21-06-2024]