X CECS Doctoral Conference: programme available

The X CECS Doctoral Conference will be held on November 9 and 10. Delfina Soares, Director of the UNU-EGOV Unit at the United Nations University, will be the guest speaker at the opening session. The provisional programme is available here.

Delfina Soares has been the Director of UNU-EGOV since 2017 and has been associated with the Unit since 2015 when she joined as Adjunct Associate Professor. She has strong ties to UNU-EGOV’s host university, the University of Minho, where she has held various positions over the past 18 years, at the Department of Information Systems and at the research centre Centro ALGORITMI. Soares holds a PhD in Information Systems and Technologies and an MSc in Informatics. Her areas of research and expertise include electronic governance at national, local and sectorial levels, electronic government interoperability and cross-agency collaboration, digital governance strategies, digital transformation governance models, electronic democracy and participation, and electronic governance measurement and monitoring.

The X Doctoral Conference aims to strengthen the research work carried out at CECS at the doctoral level by providing spaces for dialogue and debate, where participants can make new contributions to their projects. They also aim to enable the exchange of experiences and constructive critical evaluation. The Conferences are open to everyone, although they especially invite the academic community linked to the fields of Social Sciences that make up the CECS. In addition to the students, whose active and constructive participation is expected, CECS researchers with work on the proposed themes, as well as those responsible for the scientific supervision of doctoral and post-doctoral projects, will contribute to the debate and critical scrutiny.

[Posted: 31-10-2023]