XIII Lusocom Congress on “Communication and information for development”

The XIII Lusocom Congress, in Maputo, will take place on 28, 29 and 30 November. More than 20 CECS researchers will be present with works from several research areas, subordinated to the general theme of the Congress: “Communication and information for development”.

It is the objective of this scientific event to identify common fields of interest, to emphasize singularities and idiosyncrasies and to effectively explore ways of cooperation and exchange, always with the concern of promoting rigor and quality. Communication and information are, historically, instruments that drive change, the search for peace and the development of societies. With the advancement of technologies, digital communication brings important elements for human development, from which today the human being seeks and invents all the ways that increase his ability to, with quality, make himself heard, as well as listen to others his peers and with them sharing your being and knowing.

On the first day of the congress, the CECS will have two areas of intervention: the viewing of the documentary “No trilho de Malangatana” (by Lurdes Macedo) followed by a discussion and presentation of the ebook of the XII Lusocom Congress.

The CECS researchers will present papers in the panels: “Public service and Lusophony”, “Lusophony, diaspora and migratory movements”, “Citizenship and cultural development”, “Challenges, market and audiences”, “Literacy and education: practices and policies in Lusophone space”, “Media and intercultural dialogue”, “Networking and development”, “Memory, cultures and identities”, “Tourism and culture”, “Image and culture”, “Communication and institutions”, “Opportunities, threats and challenges”, “Media and culture”, “Digital networks and narratives”, “Access to information, network society and communication policies” and “Commercial advertising and culture”.

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[Text published on 26-11-2018]